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Simple steps in becoming a Singapore Property Agent

"Find a way to SERVE the MANY, for service to many leads to GREATNESS"

"If you HELP find enough People to GET what they want, you can HAVE anything you WANT"

Sounds familiar?  These are statements I heard from JIM ROHN on one of his many inspirational Audio books.  I had been working for a manufacturing company for 12 years when I first thought of venturing into Sales.  I know that this was one of the ways that I can "serve the many" and help a lot of people.  Don't you think so?

Venturing into this Trade and becoming a Property Agent is not easy as everyone thinks.  SUPPORT and SELF MOTIVATION is very important.  If you think that you are self motivated, I can definitely support you :)

Below are the 5 Simple Steps in becoming a Property Agent, Let's schedule a meet up if needed so we can chat in detail:

ADD - The first and most important step of all, add me in Facebook

CHECK -Minimum requirement is that you are a Singapore PR and holding a diploma or bachelors degree.  Your educational qualification will be submitted and reviewed by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA)

COMMIT - This means invest, it will cost you around $1500 on your journey to becoming a Registered Salesperson.  Guaranteed ROI when you have completed your first 2 deals.

LEARN - Attend the RES course, pay attention, and study.  Walang kopyahan dito :)

EARN - If you have friends/colleagues in Singapore, 100% guaranteed you will have a Client of your own, chaching!

Please bear in mind that there is always enough for everyone.  Always be in the creative and never in the competitive state and watch Miracles happen.

Do drop me a call, Franz at 96770412 to know more.  Let's help our Kababayans in Singapore find their Home!



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